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Less Is Now: The Minimalism Mindset

As the new Minimalism Documentary 'Less Is Now' is available on Netflix, I thought it may be worth revisiting the concept.

I read 'Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life' four years ago and it allowed me to review my measurement of happiness. At the time, I was constantly buying more 'things', or searching to progress in a role that wasn't right for me or attempting to live up to other people's ideas of success in the hope that it would make me happy.

Culturally why do we all prioritise money, possessions and job titles over our own personal happiness? When all we really want is time; time with our loved ones, experiences of travelling and exploration, time for creativity, time for reflection and meaningful relationships with friends and family that stand the test of time. During the pandemic, when we are feeling overwhelmed it is critically important that we remind ourselves of what we are working towards and what we truly value in our own lives.

I recommend reading this book or watching the new documentary if you need to do some decluttering of your own space or of your thoughts! Hopefully this will help you to plan for a life after lockdown...


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