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Let's Review FE Digital Strategies...

I have had the privilege of working with some fantastic educational leaders, providers, teachers and technologists. During this time the questions of best practice 'traditional' virtual learning environment and the origin of blended / flipped learning research has become profoundly important to me, particularly in light of the recent pandemic.

Learning technologists have consistently encouraged educators to incorporate new edtech tools into their teaching practice, however the pandemic has forced us to pivot and challenge archaic pedagogical reference models to teach solely online. In response to this we are now dependent on awarding bodies, government legislation and guidance to ensure academic integrity. This also draws more attention to the need to make learning content assessable for all learning styles and requirements.

I have also been analyzing the effectiveness of traditional virtual learning environments, these platforms can work well for blended learning delivery however there is a tendency for them to be used as a file repository. In addition, they lack the inclusion, collaboration and virtual learning tools that digital cloud based platforms have for online delivery. Ultimately there is no perfect option and the decision of the correct VLE truly depends on the organisation and its provision.

Now for the positive aspects during this difficult time, I have been amazed by the commitment from teachers to enthuse students to learn online. Whether this is in the form of dynamic online lessons, student portfolios, formative assessments or immersive virtual reality vocational lessons.


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